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  • Authentic African Touch: Each of our pet bed baskets is meticulously handmade by skilled female artisans using traditional African techniques, resulting in a beautiful, high-quality product that any pet parent will love. We use only premium natural materials and pay close attention to detail to create a truly exceptional piece.
  • The Perfect Gift for New Pet Parents: Need a gift for a new cat mom or dog dad? Look no further! Our pet bed baskets make a thoughtful and practical gift for any occasion, guaranteed to put a smile on any pet parent's face.
  • Versatile, Multi-Functional Accessory: Our pet bed baskets aren't just a comfortable place for a furry friend to rest - they're also a stylish addition to any room! Use it as decorative piece to add an ethnic vibe to any living room, bedroom, or any other space that needs extra flair.

Still not convinced.?

Why Mysky Pets' pet bed baskets are a perfect choice:

  • Available in a wide variety of vivid color combinations to complement any home décor style, including boho, vintage, and modern industrial
  • Expertly crafted to withstand daily use, ensuring pet's comfort for years to come.


  • Measurements are in inches.
  • Made in remote regions of Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi.
  • Our products are made from all natural materials like banana fibers, raffia, and papyrus.
  • Colors are made from organic dyes like vegetables and fruits.
  • Each basket will have a picture of the artisan who weaved it.
  • All our baskets are handwoven: Vary slightly in color and size.



Mombasa Handwoven Pet Bed.

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