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  • CONTAINS PEE AND LITTER: Attach plastic shields to any open top cat litter box to contain pee and litter by extending the height of your litter box. Perfect for cats who pee or spray over litter box edges.
  • NO MORE CLEANING PEE: No more pee puddles, pee stains, or litter scatter all over your floors and walls to clean, stop using pee pads.
  • VALUE PACK: 3 Transparent plastic shields per pack, each 15 inches long x 11.5 inches tall, with long-lasting velcro adhesive strips.
  • EASY INSTALL: Flexible shields that can easily be applied to any open top cat litter box with straight or curved sides and sharp corners. These reusable plastic shields have velcro strips for easy detaching and cleaning. Unique cat litter box accessory, litter box not included.

Cat Litter Box Pee Shields

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